OBEDIENCE: Change your mind, change your heart, change your life!

O stands for Offense. Choose to yield obediently as an offensive plan, not a defensive reaction to a plan.  Yielding obedience requires surrender before not after you need him.  We can walk more confidently when we say yes and walk by faith, not by sight.

B stands for Bold. Choose to yield with boldness and confidence, not with doubt or meekness, fear or worry.  Be bold in your faith knowing that you are choosing to be obedient for a good plan.  Whether we see the results or even agree with them, trust in God and show your boldness.

E stands for Eager. Choose to yield eagerly in obedience to do His will and surrender in obedience.  Show your eagerness through your actions of discipline, joyfulness and gratitude. God loves an Eager heart to serve His children

D stands for Devoted. Do it as an act of devotion to your loving God.  As a sign of love, respect and reverant awe, we can respond with nothing less than devotion to our Father’s desires.  He calls us to be devoted to His plans.

I stands for Interactive. Do it with conversation and interact with your Father through solicited dialogue.  Have a two way conversation and make sure your check in daily for direction, confirmation and affirmation. Understand him completely through interaction with Him.

E stands for Eternity.  Obedience is a life long commitment and lasts for an eternity.  Your obedience is a legacy that can change generations to come.  Live a life of obedience and watch your children’s children’s children stand firm on solid ground and serve the Creator of the Heavens and Earth.

N stands for Natural. Obedience  comes naturally when we know who we are obeying and why we are choosing to obey.  When we know His will is for our good, it is a natural choice to follow, not forced or by resistance.  Obedience becomes a natural part of our life when we practice it daily and see His will start to move in our life.

C stands for Choice. Obedience is a choice and we have to choose it every time, not just when it feels good.  Choice is free will and obedience is the most important choice you can make to live a life of purpose fulfilled.

E stands for Evidence. You will see evidence of your obedience through the blessings of your life.  Blessings come in many forms, but they are all evidence of God’s presence and existence.  For we are nothing without Him and with Him we are everything that is important!

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