It’s Who I Am!

Basking in the glow of your Heavenly Father….is there anywhere you would rather be?  Knowing that you are loved and perfect just the way you are.  Is there anything that makes you feel more confident?

When I find myself caught up in the troubles of this world and worrying about making the right decisions with important choices in my life, I stop to hear the truth.  I tune out the distractions of the world and the opinions of human and lean strictly on my Father’s guidance.  For He is the one with my plan in His hands and so He will be my Counselor.

Have you been there too?

What do you do?

I begin to seek my Father for guidance.  I turn on worship music and begin to melt into the spirit of the song.  It never fails, if I turn it loud enough, close my eyes and really lean into my Creator, He brings me great comfort.  He removes all worry and concern and he places His rod of power right back in my hands.  He tells me to carry His staff proudly and use it against all enemy forces that try to break down my existence.   He tells me” It’s who I am”.  He reminds me of who I am and what He has created me for.  He tells me directly the plans He has for me.  Here is my last conversation from Him:

Dear Sweet Daughter,

You are precious to me.  I know your heart and I am well pleased.  I have been beside you holding your hand along the way.  You have sought me through it all and always pointed everyone back to me.  I know the desires of your heart and if you remain faithful in me I will give you the desires of your heart.

You need rest my child.  Rest and time spent with me daily, write and sing to your hearts content.  Worship me with your voice and words, write about me.  Tell the world who I am and the goodness you know.

I will go before you and prepare the way.  I will open all necessary doors and close all that I do not want you to walk through.  I will go before you and protect you from all harm.  No one will take away the purpose of what I have created in you and birthed for you.  No human has power over my domain.

Pray, worship and listen to my commands…..Love unconditionally, give freely, surrender the small in exchange for more territory with an easy yoke.  Write from your soul.  Give me all the glory and all the honor my child.

Rest, quiet your soul, look up, listen closely, smile, be joyful, know that you are loved and set apart….”It’s Who you are!”  And I receive His words because it’s who I am!

This relationship with our Father is where we find our peace. He created us with a small size void that only He can fill.  He designed us with the need to seek Him, to live in communication with Him and to be filled by His Holy Spirit.  Go spend time with him and listen intently for His voice, feel His presence and allow Him to remind you who you are.

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OBEDIENCE: Change your mind, change your heart, change your life!

O stands for Offense. Choose to yield obediently as an offensive plan, not a defensive reaction to a plan.  Yielding obedience requires surrender before not after you need him.  We can walk more confidently when we say yes and walk by faith, not by sight.

B stands for Bold. Choose to yield with boldness and confidence, not with doubt or meekness, fear or worry.  Be bold in your faith knowing that you are choosing to be obedient for a good plan.  Whether we see the results or even agree with them, trust in God and show your boldness.

E stands for Eager. Choose to yield eagerly in obedience to do His will and surrender in obedience.  Show your eagerness through your actions of discipline, joyfulness and gratitude. God loves an Eager heart to serve His children

D stands for Devoted. Do it as an act of devotion to your loving God.  As a sign of love, respect and reverant awe, we can respond with nothing less than devotion to our Father’s desires.  He calls us to be devoted to His plans.

I stands for Interactive. Do it with conversation and interact with your Father through solicited dialogue.  Have a two way conversation and make sure your check in daily for direction, confirmation and affirmation. Understand him completely through interaction with Him.

E stands for Eternity.  Obedience is a life long commitment and lasts for an eternity.  Your obedience is a legacy that can change generations to come.  Live a life of obedience and watch your children’s children’s children stand firm on solid ground and serve the Creator of the Heavens and Earth.

N stands for Natural. Obedience  comes naturally when we know who we are obeying and why we are choosing to obey.  When we know His will is for our good, it is a natural choice to follow, not forced or by resistance.  Obedience becomes a natural part of our life when we practice it daily and see His will start to move in our life.

C stands for Choice. Obedience is a choice and we have to choose it every time, not just when it feels good.  Choice is free will and obedience is the most important choice you can make to live a life of purpose fulfilled.

E stands for Evidence. You will see evidence of your obedience through the blessings of your life.  Blessings come in many forms, but they are all evidence of God’s presence and existence.  For we are nothing without Him and with Him we are everything that is important!

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At that moment I heard Him say ”Yes, I am SIMPLE”.  He continued speaking to me and showing me visions of His simple love for us. Scene after scene I would see Him loving His people.  He drew my attention to the word SIMPLE.  He asked me to share what he showed me to the ones who need to hear it. He said I am the “SAVIOR IN MIDST of my PEOPLE LOVING them EVERYDAY!” SIMPLE.

As I was praying yesterday before my radio show I prayed for God’s anointing on my ears. I asked for Him to anoint them to hear His voice and that I would hear the words He wanted me to share with my listeners. I asked Him to help me make it simple, not complex. I asked him to help me reach that one lost soul that is hurting, struggling, broken and lost so that I could speak His simple truth to them.  He reminded me He is love and is always there with us. He is always in our midst and loving us deeply even if we are not aware of Him.  This is when He responded to me “Yes, I am simple”.

God’s love for us is so excessive and yet He has made it so simple and so clear. He loved us so much he sacrificed his greatest gift for us, his son Jesus Christ. So often we complicate religion and push others away because we judge them, evaluate them and expect things from them that God doesn’t even expect from us. But God’s first and greatest commandments say to love Him and love others. If we could only grasp the significance and simplicity of these two commandments daily, we wouldn’t even need to worry about the rest. Our transformation would be internal and reflect on the external. Our love for God and others would be transparent and evident.

He is there in your midst loving you every day. He has loved you before He formed you in your mother’s womb. He has loved you from the moment of creating you and breathing breathe into your lungs. He has loved you through your greatest struggles and your greatest victories. He has loved you through every tear and every giggle. He has loved you every moment of everyday of every second you have lived. His love has never ceased, never paused, never wavered and never with condition. God is love. He loves you. He is in your midst loving you every day.

If you are doubting God’s love for you or feeling confused, overwhelmed, uncertain, lost, forgotten or anxious, remember His love for you is SIMPLE. Quiet your soul and ask for Him to spend time with you, He is there waiting to show you how much He loves you. Open your eyes, open your heart and embrace His mighty and powerful love for you! The SAVIOR is IN MIDST of his PEOPLE LOVING them EVERYDAY!

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Beware of the Serpent…..He Doesn’t Die Easy.

It was a beautiful sunny day and I was taking the trash out when I lifted the lid and out of my right eye, I see it.  There it is….a snake resting by the fence right behind the trash can.  I call for my husband to come help me fight the battle with this enemy.

My husband grabbed a shovel in one hand and a stick in the other.  The kids and I were following close behind him, but not too close.  We watched in amazement as the snake battled him in and out of bricks, through the fruit trees.  We watched as it slithered its way up the driveway, off and on the grass, zig zagging across the path to escape our defense.  The kids shouted out “wow, I  didn’t know a snake could move so fast”.  They all giggled with disbelief.

I wanted it dead, but I couldn’t watch it die.   I kept looking to see if the job had been done.  He tried to apply pressure with the stick and hold him in place, but he got away.  He was a strong little thing with a lot of determination to stay on the loose so he could torment others.   Another strike to the head and several inches into the ground with the shovel head, and up came the snake still alive and moving like nothing had happened to him.  My husband must have attempted 3 or 4 times with that sharp shovel and a strong-arm to take the head off before he finally started to show signs of weakness.  Even after he was starting to lose the battle he still kept moving and even then started to appear like he was getting even more violent and aggressive.  The boys called it an attack.  “Watch out daddy” they would yell.  “Watch out he is gong to attack you daddy.”

After the drama was over and the serpent had been defeated,  I couldn’t help but reflect on the serpent in the Garden of Eden, the enemy in this world today and that snake in my garden.  Our enemy, the Devil, Satan, the Prince of Darkness is strong like that snake that wouldn’t die today.  We witnessed it with our own eyes.

I have recently written a 30 Day Challenge for people desiring to recognize, embrace and live out God’s amazing plans in their lives and Day 8 and 9(yesterday and today) just happened to be about “knowing good from evil” and ” being on guard against the enemy”.   As God would have it in the last two days in sync with my teaching, a snake has crossed my path each day as I taught and I have gotten a first hand look at how difficult it really is to destroy a serpent.

As Christian’s we learn in Ephesians 6 that we must put on the whole Armor of God to protect, defend and fight against the enemies of this world, but it will not be easy.  It will take many attempts in the battle before the enemy is defeated.  You will need the right EQUIPMENT, TOOLS AND STAMINA to defeat the enemy and claim victory.  Let me share with you the strategies God spoke to me about through this experience.  Here are my Battle Strategies:

WARRIOR EQUIPMENT:  The Warrior Equipment consists of three essential pieces of God’s provision for us that are the foundation for your knowledge of truth, love and hope.

  1.  BIBLE:  The Bible is our first and most important source to know God and to know His heart, His truth and His desires for our life.  Just like Jesus in the wilderness being tested by the devil himself, it was His confidence and knowledge of God’s word that fought the temptations of the devil.  Without the truth of God’s word in the Bible, we can easily be fooled by the serpent and led down a path of destruction.
  2. PRAYER:  Prayer is our second most critical piece of equipment to use in the battle of life’s challenges and choices.   Jesus prayed daily, early in the morning, frequently alone by himself with only His father.  In John 5:19, Jesus said “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. We must spend time in daily prayer seeking the Holy Spirit to know God’s truth, perspective and guidance of any and all circumstances we will face and choices we will make.  Do not be fooled by man, media, agendas or the enemy speaking lies into your head and heart.
  3. WORSHIP:   Worship is the third most important piece of equipment in your arsenal.  You should be prepared with a heart of worship and in truth.   In John 4:24 God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”   When we worship we praise Him, we declare victory, we remain in Him and invite the presence of the Holy Spirit in to our lives.  Worship releases our gratitude and confidence into the world for all to hear.  The enemy knows a grateful heart is not a fertile ground to destroy.  He will seek the weak and vulnerable who have no worship in their heart and gratitude to their Father for His blessings and hope found in Him.  The serpent knows  an ungrateful heart is easy prey and easy to destroy.

WARRIOR TOOLS:  Warrior Tools are the Spiritual gifts and characteristics you develop as you spend more time using your Warrior Equipment in God’s presence.

  1. WISDOM:   Wisdom is a tool that is developed as you mature in the knowledge of your Father’s deep love for you.  Spiritual wisdom prepares your heart to know which piece of equipment to use when and where.   It also equips you with the knowledge of how to use it.  Jesus didn’t flaunt His wisdom or use it to show His power, but He gently and calmly spoke truth against the enemy and didn’t have to prove himself, because He had wisdom to let God’s truth fight for him.
  2. VISION:   It is critical to develop the tool of our Spiritual vision.  Vision helps us to clearly see the reality of truth and lies that are before us everyday in all circumstances.  Spiritual vision helps us to see clearly God’s good plan for our lives.  In Romans 8:28   it says All things work for good for those who love the Lord God and are called according to his purposes.  Vision gives us power to know when the enemy is distracting you from and trying to mislead you off of your God-given destiny and calling.  The enemy doesn’t necessarily want to destroy you, just to distract you which takes our eyes off of God and His love for us.  That distraction alone can and will destroy our purposes.
  3. DISCERNMENT:  Spiritual discernment is developed as you mature in your conversations with your Father.  When we learn his voice, we will easily recognize who, what and where is the serpent.  He always comes in disguise and is hard to recognize with the human eye.  Our spiritual vision and discernment helps us to know truth from lies and allows us not to worry or fret, but to fully trust in His truths and power.   With the precious gift of Spiritual discernment from the Holy Ghost, discernment is supernatural and it becomes easy to discern the serpent’s intent and schemes.

WARRIOR STAMINA:  Warrior Stamina is the strength, power and ability to live in God’s real power of the Holy Spirit.  Warrior Stamina is only developed with the investment of time spent using the Warrior Equipment daily and learning to use the Warrior Tools as life’s choice and challenges come your way.

  1.  REST:   Rest doesn’t mean do nothing, it means do nothing without the power and strength of the Lord.  Rest in Him and let him fight your battles.  If you are using the right equipment and tools during battle, the stamina does not break down and grow weak, your strength endures.  Resting in the Lord also allows you to not fight the wrong battles exhausting yourself and completely distracting you from the real battles.  God has already defeated the enemy, but we must learn to see it and know it, therefore, giving you the power to rest in the truth in his victory for you.  In  John 16:33  Jesus says “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
  2. PEACE:   Peace is the characteristic that is most obvious in determining if you are in God’s will.  Interesting enough in Luke 10:19 it says ” I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you”.  Watching my husband whip that stick in one hand and shovel in the other, I could see him tire as the battle persisted.  If we use our feet, the power anointed within his shoes of peace, then the enemy does not have power over us.  How can he bother or destroy us if we are in God’s peace about our life?  He cannot and he knows it.  So just like that snake in my garden, he slithers away as fast as he can to his next unsuspecting victim to kill, steal and destroy their dreams, desires, gifts, blessing and plans for their lives.   Live in Peace knowing your Fathers already conquered death!
  3. TRUST.  Trust is built when we proclaim our faith and we do not doubt.  Trust develops our faith and makes sure that the enemy has no power.  Jesus didn’t have to convince the enemy while he was testing him, he trusted his Father and the snake learned he could not shake Jesus’s trust in his Father.   In Psalms 9:10 it says Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.  Trust will give you more stamina than a Monster drink a, Starbucks café latte or a good ol black cup of coffee.  Stamina is built when we exercise and build up muscle, resistance, conditioning of our bodies.  So when you exercise trust in your life against your challenges, struggle, trials and tribulations, nothing but Spiritual stamina is developed.    Stamina is required to fight the serpent because just like the snake that would not die today in my garden, the devil is not an easy victim either.

Lessons from our Father are all around us, as God showed me in experience and through his Spirit today, we need to be prepared to battle the evil desires of Satan.  We need to defend and not allow the serpent to destroy our amazing plans that God has created for us.  Use the equipment wisely for the battle.  Know how the tools work and practice with them daily so you are prepared to use them when and where needed.   Start today to build the stamina you need to endure the fight for as long as the battles may last.  Work out your muscles, your mind, your heart, your beliefs, your faith and be ready to kill the serpent with the arsenal God gave you to fight.


Living out your Amazing Plan for your life requires God directing your steps.

Have you ever wondered if you are living the plan God designed for your life?  Are you walking in His will and fully engaged in your life’s calling?  Well, if you are congratulations to you!  I know you must be grateful and excited to share it with others around you.  I too am living His amazing plans for my life and want to share with those still seeking my 6 steps that have led me to experience His plan for my life and encourage them to embrace their amazing plan.

First, you have to recognize and believe that God does have an amazing plan for your life.  I mean not just read that and say “yeah, I’ll buy that”, but say “YES I truly know that without a shadow of doubt” and you recognize the truth about your Heavenly Father.  He created you in His image and with great purpose.  He didn’t accidently make you and forget to give you purpose with the talents and giftings to achieve them.  He is the Master Builder of the masterpiece!  For me personally the reality of this truth became imbedded in my heart and soul with the promises found in Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord.  Plans not to harm you but to give you hope and a future.”  Also the promise in Romans 8:28 “All things work for good for those that love and are called according to His purposes.”   I encourage you to spend time in prayer and worship with the Lord daily and ask Him to show you the promises He has specifically for you and your unique plan and then embrace them tightly everyday with a grateful heart!

Spend time daily developing a relationship with Him.  Get into His presence by inviting the Holy Spirit to dwell in the prayer, worship, praise, healing, meditation and your everyday existence.    In Philippians 4:6 It says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”  Go before the Lord and fellowship with Him.  He is waiting for us to delight in the Him.    “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart”  Psalms 37:4.

If you have never experienced His presence, it’s not because He is not there, but more that you have not surrendered your control and humbled yourself to His reality.  He is real and He is present.  Commit to seeking His Spirit in your heart and don’t be afraid to experience the Fire of the Holy Ghost and let the Spirit lead and guide you.   Once you surrender, the fire will baptize you in His presence like you have never experienced and you will never be the same.  Jesus said in Acts 1:5You heard from me, for John baptized with water, but before many days you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit.’”

When you begin spending more time with Him, you will learn how to develop the skill of conversation with Him.  We tend to learn how to speak to Him easier than we do listening to Him.  Listening to His voice and knowing His voice from the others of this world requires practice and time to develop the fine tuning of His precious voice.  In John 10:27  My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”  He knows every detail of our lives even before we speak them or pray about them.  He is waiting for us to begin listening to Him so we can be divinely directed to living His amazing plans.   When I’m in prayer, my desire is to listen more and talk less… is a good formula to live your life by when your desire is to learn to walk on His path and not your own.

As you begin to discover a conversation with your Father, the next step is to learn to be bold and courageous just like Joshua and Moses.  Obedience can be the ultimate characteristic that separates those that are living God’s plans for ther lives and those that are lost, confused, hurt and experience life long pain.    Obedience can be simple once we truly embrace the desire to be like Jesus and follow Jesus.   If we truly believe that God is good and He has a good plan for our life, then we should be obedient to His directions and be confident that even if we cannot see the results, we KNOW they are good!  No whining, no doubting, no guessing and definitely no saying “NO” to your Heavenly Father.

However, one important factor is that you must wait on your Father’s timing.  When He tells you to do something, He may be giving you a vision of the future, so the next step is learning to listen for when he says “Go” or “Now”.  When the timing is right for me, He always speaks in one word commands.  Remember, this takes time to develop and He will provide affirmations and confirmations along the way as you chose to step forward in obedience.   “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”  Isaiah 41:10

Soon your confidence will become stronger and stronger and your will grow to have unshakeable faith under all circumstances.  This is how Jesus was because He knew his Father so well.    He would always spend time alone with his Father and would do nothing but what the Father asked of Him.  In John 5:19  Jesus gave them this answer: “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.”  This is the faith that people can see clearly in you when you are facing storms of this life and yet the wind of the world does not sink your boat.  You stay steady and unshakeable because you know who holds your hand.   This faith requires knowing your Father well just like Jesus.  Keep your eyes up and your knees down because this is where you will find truth and life.  If you take your eyes off of Jesus, the lies of the world seem so real and painful.  Can you imagine what Mary felt when she watched her precious son’s last day on earth?

We all experience sadness through our own suffering, and have witnessed the suffering of those close to us. In The Passion we see how Mary witnessed the terrible ordeals of her own son being humiliated before the church elders, dragged before Pilate for judgment, scourged nearly unto death, and finally nailed to a cross to die.  The ordeal of Jesus’ persecution and death are so horrific that nearly all of his followers abandoned him, yet Mary remained. What enabled Mary to remain with Jesus and persevere through this suffering? Mary’s love for Jesus as his mother, and her faith and hope in his divinity enabled her to endure the path to his death.

We must always keep our eyes up and our knees down and spend time with Jesus to know the truth which will keep our faith unconditional and unshakeable just like Mary’s.

If you practice these principles daily and in all circumstances, good or bad, easy or challenging, you will experience the greatness of His good plan for your life… in JOY!  You will experience living in the fruit of the spirit as in Galatians 5:22 “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness.”  You can and will, even in the darkest moments and most difficult circumstances of life, experience these gifts.   I have experienced death, divorce, infertility and betrayal but where I found joy was in the truth.  Through God’s personal encounter and words with me I kept my feet firmly planted in faith and knowing that He was still in control and that I was to “live by faith, not by sight” as it says in 2 Corinthians 5:7.   Walk in joy even with a tear in your eye.  Walk in peace even when your heart is broken.  Walk in courage even when you are afraid.  Walk in wholeness even when you are broken  into a hundred pieces.   God is faithful!

These 6 steps will lead you to the path of living in God’s will and not your own.  When you desire God’s will for your life, you will experience His will and truly be living GOD’S AMAZING PLANS in your own life.   If you are interested in learning more about these steps in detail, I am launching a 30 day challenge on my website and writing a Bible Study to help share with others who deeply desire to live out their birthright and experience His amazing plans for their lives.

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No Man Can Imagine How Great Our Father’s Love Is For Us.

no-eye-has-seen-no-ear-amethystIn 1 Corinthians  2:9 It says “No eye has seen, No ear has heard, No mind can conceive of the greatness in store for those who love the Lord”.  Just for a moment, think beyond your biggest dreams and hopes…..BIGGER…, even bigger!  We think we can imagine the biggest of things.  We imagine things that are far greater than the possessions which we have, circumstances we are in or even greater things we want our lives and relationships to become, but just imagine for a moment that whatever you are dreaming of, it will be magnified 10x by the glory of God and the greatness He has in store for us.  Wow!

In an Immanuel prayer this week, I had an encounter with God as a 12 year old child.  He showed me a memory of great heartbreak as a child.  I had gone to the mall with my mom and dad when I fell in love with a little purple birthstone ring.  It was a beautiful Amethyst stone, and for some reason I really, really wanted it.  I don’t remember ever wanting anything so badly.  My mom and dad couldn’t afford it and so I couldn’t get it.  I was overwhelmed with grief and cried all the way home.  When we got home, I was still devastated and could not contain my emotions and continued to cry for hours upon hours over this ring I couldn’t have. What appears to me today to be silly and a little melodramatic, really was devastating to me then as that 12 year old little girl.

In the prayer, I ask Jesus where He was during this time and I see Him kneeling beside my bed with His arms stretched out on my bed watching me cry uncontrollably.  As my Father, I can see in His face that He is heartbroken for me feeling this way, but more importantly He told me I had believed the lie of the enemy who had told me I wasn’t worthy of that beautiful ring and that my parents didn’t love me enough.  The truth that he gently shared with me was that what I had experienced was circumstantial, not truth.  My parents had many burdens and were not financially able to buy me that ring, but the enemy chose to pounce on me with the belief that I wasn’t worthy.  How many of you feel great grief when we don’t get what we want?  What we dreamed of?  Or even feel not worthy with our circumstances and attach an actual value of worthlessness because we don’t’ get what we think we deserve?

The great news is, when we are intimate with our Father through prayer we discover TRUTH!  After this Immanuel prayer encounter with Jesus of that emotional day 40 years ago in my bedroom crying uncontrollably, My Father dried my tears and started speaking life and love into me.  He told me the truth and assured me that He was there with me thorugh it all.  With my left hand I boldly handed him the lies I had believed about me not being worthy of that ring and my parents love.  Then I opened my right hand out in exchange for what He wanted to give me.  I waited several moments and nothing was given to me, but I could hear Him speaking words of wisdom and perspective of truth.  Then abruptly I noticed something heavy in my right hand and quickly glanced to look.  I covered my mouth and eyes with both hands and started laughing and crying.

Jesus gently placed in my right hand an Amethyst stone far greater than I had ever seen, far greater than I had ever heard about and yes, far greater than I could have even imagined……just like in 1 Corinthians 2:9.   Jesus gently placed a very large, very heavy, transparent, jagged cut yet smoothly polished, multicolored Amethyst stone in my right hand and told me “my daughter, this is your worth in my eyes”.    “I have placed abundance of many things in your precious hands far greater than you could ever conceive.”  He continued to tell me “You could make thousands of beautiful rings, necklaces and earrings from this stone I have given you and you would never run out.”  “Your worth to me is far greater than this stone or your circumstances you have faced.”   “My love for you is just like this stone I have placed in your hands….it overflows with mighty power and presence when you can sense me and know me. ”  ” I have only the best for you and you are worthy of all my love!”  Thank you Father God for giving me the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the heart to feel you!

I encourage each of you reading this to take time today and see what lies your Father wants to destroy.  Jesus has truth to tell you and restore you with His full glory of God!




God is real! God is present! God is good!

God is real! God is present! God is good!  God shows himself through a daughter’s love.

 While most people in this world claim they believe in God and know the stories of His love and miracles in the Bible, when it comes to their own lives, many people tell me they can’t hear from God personally and have never seen Him manifest in their lives.

This is an inside glimpse of how God showed Himself to me and others. I want to share with everyone how God talks to us directly with direction, promises and confirmations of important life choices when we practice the skills of Immanuel prayers, which simply, but powerfully means “God with us” prayers.    Immanuel prayer is a skill of training yourself to do less talking and more listening.  It helps guide your heart and head to desire quite time with Him and deeply crave His direction, feedback and confirmations of what His desires, perspectives and will is for your life.  When we don’t turn down the voices of the world and shut down the enemy’s lies, it is almost impossible to hear the voice of our Heavenly Father.    Let me share a glimpse into how great our God is and how close He is to us when we intentionally spend time with Him for His will and purposes.

Mid-May 2016 we were in preparation for an Extraordinary Women conference. Our speaker, worship leader and myself were praying and seeking God’s will individually and corporately for our conference.  My dear friend and worship leader, Esther Rose Neal, said God was putting on her heart the story of the woman who just wanted to touch the hem of Jesus’s robe so she could be healed. This was a vision she received through prayer and it was on her heart for the women at the upcoming conference.  For the next several weeks we would collectively pray. Through our hearts and prayers would come our requests and desire for Jesus’s robe to flow over every single woman God would bring to the conference.  We would pray for His robe to cover and touch every woman who desires healing in their lives.  We would envision Him walking through our doors and His robe so big it would spread from wall to wall and brush over every woman for the touching.  It was a beautiful prayer and vision we got from Him and prayed to Him.imgp1652

Six days after our conference, I would wake to a 5:30am phone call from my brother in Colorado telling me my mom’s routine surgery the night before had gone gravely wrong and she is now in ICU fighting for her life.  I would fall to my knees and cry out to God for strength not knowing what circumstances and challenges I was about to face.  As I mindlessly threw clothes in my suitcase for a plane that would leave in a few hours, I was scared. Confused and tears flowing uncontrollably, my mind raced to the worst possible outcome.  I would cry out to Jesus “I’m not ready…..I’m not ready”.   Since losing my husband’s Father and Mother, my Father and older brother just years before within a two year span, I have prayed every single day, several times a day for God to prepare my heart for the day I would lose my Mother and Husband.   I cried out over and over “Jesus, I’m not ready!”

Hours later, my family dropped me off at the airport and after checking in and getting settled to wait for my first plane, I pulled out my bible, prayer cross and journal.  I lay my hand on my bible with my cross in hand and desperately ask God one thing. “Lord, give me a word about the circumstances I am about to encounter with my Mom”.  As I pray for a word, God opens my bible directly to Matthew 9. My eyes draw towards the top of the page where I read the heading A DEAD GIRL AND A SICK WOMAN. It catches my eyes and I begin to read Matthew 9:18-25.   Verse 20-25 reads: Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years came up behind him and touched the edge of His cloak. She said to herself, “If I only touch His cloak, I will be healed.” Jesus turned and saw her. “Take heart daughter,” He said, “your faith has healed you”. And the woman was healed from that moment. I remember thinking, wow, what a coincidence, there’s the story we just prayed about for every women at our conference. The very vision and prayer we just spent weeks focusing on and this is where God takes me for a word of comfort at this very time I ask Him. I read on.

Then God directs my hand to turn back one page to verse 8, I see the headings and read The Man with Leprosy, next The Faith of the Centurion, then Jesus Heals Many, and Jesus Calms the Storm, and The Healing of Two Demon Possessed Men.    I turn back to verse 9 where God first took me and read Jesus Heals the Paralytic, again A Dead Girl and a Sick Woman, and Jesus Heals the Blind and Mute.    I immediately hear Jesus whisper clearly to me “Jesus Heals!”   Jesus Heals…….Oh my goodness, Jesus is going to heal my mother I say aloud.   Peace rushes over me and I ponder this moment in awe and reverence.

I ask for a word and when I listen, Jesus takes me to two simple words plastered all over the pages…..JESUS HEALS!   Every verse I read had something else in common…..It was their Faith that healed them! He said to the sick woman “Take heart daughter. Your faith has healed you.” I close my bible and go straight to an Immanuel Prayer so I can hear directly from God about what I had just read.  I grab my journal and pen. I begin this special prayer with a love letter of thanksgiving and gratitude.

Dear Heavenly Abba Father, today I rejoice with you!  I surrender all my gratitude before you and desire you to search my thankful heart.  You have blessed my life beyond measure and given me a Mother who loves more than humanly possible.  You have given me a Mother that has always sacrificed everything she is and has for me and others.  You have given me an invaluable example of mother, woman, lady and friend to follow. Thank you Father God for every day you have and will continue to give me with her.  Lord, Thank you for the memories.  I hear her laughter and see her little girl smile.  She is so innocent and vulnerable.  Lord, thank you for protecting her and creating her so strong.  Keep her strong through Your Spirit.  I am deeply, sincerely and truly coherent and recognize the gift of my Mother’s unconditional love.  Lord, I’m so thankful that you helped us give her the gift of joy through her new kitchen.  Lord, I pray she will be back so healthy!  I praise your Holy name for her health, sound mind and body.  Love you Father!  Your faithful daughter

GOD’S RESPONSE TO ME:       god-answer-prayers-his-way

Dear Precious, You are right!  I know you believe and love me beyond words.  I see your faithful heart.   I will comfort you.  I will stand beside you.  I have already gone before you to prepare your wayI will clear all obstacles from flesh that will keep her clean and healthy.  I will soften the hearts of the hard.  I will prepare eyes to see and hearts to love.  I will prepare ears to hear My Love.  My Love. My Love.  My Love is so big and it will always cover all pain, concern and questions.  I am the great I AM I am the one that gives your mother breath and I will be the one who gives her life.  I will be the one who gives her life.  Cheer up little girl and believe in my strength and power.  Come taste and see.  I love and adore you daughter.  Blessings pour out on you! Love, Your Heavenly Father!   

Do you see the two promises God gave me?  He promised me I will clear all obstacles from flesh that will keep her clean and healthy” and “I am the one that gives your mother breath and I will be the one who gives her life.  He repeated and promised me “I will be the one who gives her life“.  A calmness and peace that surpasses all understanding came over me.  I dried my tears, received His promises and knew He is faithful and just with His promises.  I closed my journal, grabbed my carryon and got on the plane to go sit by my Mother’s bedside.

I got off my plane to run to transfer to the next plane and quickly called my brother Rod as I stood in line to ask “How is Mom?”  He tells me in a soft but surprising voice “She is doing better”.  I quickly responded to him by saying it happened at 10:15am, didn’t it?  He said, yes, it actually was about that time.  I ecstatically told him, wait until I share with you what God told me while I was waiting to get on the first plane. When I wrote in my journal, I documented the time at 10:15am.  God is real!  God is present!  God is good!  Feeling in awe of what my God was doing, I jumped on the next plane and would be there in an hour.

For the next 16 days, we would sit by my mother’s side in the hospital with a large circle of prayer warriors nationwide lifting her health and life up in prayer. But the full manifestation of God’s love and healing comes on day 21 of a 24 day stay with my Mom.  Three days before I would return back to my family in California, my Mother would wake before me and my Aunt to a dream.  She shared it with us immediately upon waking. While she was sleeping, she felt a large, off white colored, ‘sheet like cloth’ that swept over her body from toe to head as she lay there in bed sleeping.  After she feels the cloth sweep over her, she hears a voice say to her “YOU ARE HEALED”.  She said she woke immediately and recollected what had just happened to her.  She said to herself out loud. “I have been healed”. “He told me I have been healed and she knew it was true”.

At the very moment my Mom shared with me her dream and Godly manifestation, I shouted out ”that was Jesus’s robe…..that was Jesus’s robe!”  Only at that very moment did the last 8 weeks of prayer, seeking God’s Will, the visions He had given us of the healing of the women at the conference through His robe, the word He took me to in the airport 21 days earlier of The Sick Woman believing if she could only touch His robe she would be healed and now the manifestation of His cloak over my Mother’s sick body flashed through my mind in clear pictures of memories like a vintage picture show, but in color with sound. I just kept repeating “that was Jesus’s robe…..that was Jesus’s robe” and I was overcome with complete awe of who Jesus is. He is real! He is present! He is good!

From that moment forward, my Mother’s healing progressed rapidly and His promises were fulfilled. I will clear all obstacles from flesh that will keep her clean and healthy I am the one that gives your mother breath and I will be the one who gives her life.  I will be the one who gives her life.  He is real! He is present! He is good!

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Life is a Balancing Act….Are You in Balance?

Have you ever had those days where you are certain you have overbooked your schedule and your time is no longer yours?  You somehow lost control and know your life belongs to your commitments and you feel overwhelmed?  It’s not the best feeling, but by quieting your soul in prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit , your balance can be restored.

Recently I spent some quiet time with God in an Emmanuel “God with us” Prayer, and Jesus shared with me a vision of a very violent and turbulent storm on the ocean.  He also showed me a gold tarnished scale that was tipped heavy to one side.

The first vision of the violent storm represented a recent storm I had encountered.  Next, He showed me a ship out on this ocean that was getting beaten by the waves.  It was dark.  Very dark skies and waters all around the ship.  The sky was filled with powerful thunder and lightning.  It was raining fiercely and this little ship was being beaten and battered from every direction.  It was still sailing on the water, but it had no control.  It was at the mercy of the waves crashing in on it.  The waves determined its course of destiny.  In Samuel 22:5  it reads “The waves of death swirled about me; the torrents of destruction overwhelmed me.”  I realized that little ship was me.  I realized Jesus was showing me what I looked like from His perspective when I was in the worst storm of my life years prior.  I was being battered from all directions and was in dangerous waters.  My life was being controlled by the storms of life instead of the hope found in Jesus Christ.

That vision Jesus gave me was a warning not to be ignored.  It gave me perspective into my life when I had gone through a deep depression and facing so many challenges.  He showed me that I had forgotten to keep Jesus as the center of my life.  The scale was heavily unbalanced.  I still knew Jesus.   I spoke of Him almost daily. But I no longer spent valuable time with Him.    Life was the “heavy” scale, weighted down.  And the other scale was “light” without the time spent with my Abba Father .   The outside world had no idea that I was in such turmoil, nor did I.  Until Jesus gave me a view from His perspective of what he watched me go through in life, I was unaware of the severity of the storm.  Isaiah 57:20 says “But the wicked are like the tossing sea, which cannot rest, whose waves cast up mire and mud.”  He was watching me all along and just waiting for me to reach out, to grab hold of His hand so He could calm the seas and give me rest in the storm.

He was warning me that when I entered back into the world, I could be beaten and battered by the waves of life if unprotected.   He reminded me not to forget where I have been so that I can learn the importantance of keeping Him in the center.  No matter the victories, no matter the struggles.  Without Him in the center, the devil is lurking to kill, steal and destroy us.  In Psalm 88:7   it says “Your wrath lies heavily on me; you have overwhelmed me with all your waves.”  The enemy will overwhelm us with the waves and storms of life when our eyes are not steadfast on Jesus.

Jesus is the Calmer of the storm. In Psalms 107:29  It promises us that “He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.”  When you spend time with God, He will always show up and give us reflection, perspective, and direction.   During my vision, He showed me that currently my life was very balanced and that the scale tipped back and forth slightly,  but not to any great degree.  But He reminded not to be destracted by the things of this world and how easy it is to off balance without even realizing it.  The question isn’t necessarily the amount of activities scheduled, as much as if the activities are Christ centered and Christ appointed.

Jesus showed me that no matter what we add to our scales, if we have too much of anything, it can weight the scale down if we don’t focus on the One that balances the scale. He showed me Him standing there, waiting for me at the top center of the scale.  Calm, restful, patient, purposeful and full of Love.  He is the One that balances us.   In Proverbs 16:11 it says “Honest scales and balances belong to the Lord; all the weights in the bag are of his making.”    In Isaiah 40:12 it asks Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, or with the breadth of his hand marked off the heavens? Who has held the dust of the earth in a basket, or weighed the mountains on the scales and the hills in a balance

 Ask yourself today, who and what is filling your schedule?  And are you balanced with Jesus at the top and center of your scale?  It says in Psalms 89:9  You rule over the surging sea; when its waves mount up, you still them.  Spend time daily with Jesus and He who rules over the surging seas will call them.Image result of sunny peaceful oceans


My Reedemer Lives

Dear Heavenly Father, thL8KKQD3D

You are precious to me. I am strong and mighty because of who You are. I am grateful to  spend prayer time with you because you are worthy. You deserve my time and my worship. Lord, thank you for Your abundance of love, life, joyfulness and for my family…. my very best blessed life. Thank you Abba Father for being so faithful to me with your grace and protection. You have sheltered me from so many things that I am aware of and I know from so many more things that I’m completely unaware. Your mercies are new every day and I recognize, acknowledge and am thankful you forgive me of any sins or short comings of how I might fail You. I thank you for never shaming me or projecting guilt on me,  but Lord when I am wrong,  you gently prompt me to return to you and you forgive me.

You, I adore. You, I love. You, I trust. With you, I am safe. With you, I am strong. With you, I can do all things. You are worthy of all my time, worth all my attention and all that I am and have. Father, You are my God. I thank you for my life and I thank you for the life of my husband and my children. I thank you and recognize your divine appointments of connecting me to people, places and things. You are my first and most important love. Thank you and I will always be grateful through all circumstances!

Love, Your precious daughter

Surrender plans                   God’s Response  :        

My daughter, I see your heart so open and vulnerable to my Spirit . I see you as an open vessel desiring to know me more and wanting to know the depths of My love and power . I know your heart’s desire to feed the hungry , heal the sick and give life to those that are dead. I know your heart’s desires, and as you sense,  I will provide all the anointing you will need to accomplish my goals and change the world . Continue to seek me daily and I will command your every step , your every turn whether left or right, whether forward or backward , whether to stop or to go.  Listen carefully for my voice and my commands.   I will direct you along My Will for your life . You are an amazing child that I adore and am proud you are living the life I designed for you . You are living it well, with joy and peace,  just as I desire for you.  Even in pain and trials of this life,  you return to me and I fill your cup to overflow.  Continue to keep your eyes on me and I will provide all that you need .

Father God your Redeemer




There is no place that My Love cannot reach!

cropped-150749_10152579825931961_7232062372118060276_n.jpgDear Heavenly Father,

You are my God, my Father, my Friend, my Counselor and Protector.   I am overwhelmed with what you are doing in my life and with the women that I love.  I see you working in their hearts and lives, even when they are in pain. I can see your love and grace pour over them.   I thank you that you have deposited power and wisdom within each of them. The power to communicate with you directly with all things; big or small, challenges or victories, sins or righteousness.

You are everything I need to conquer all the troubles of this world and I love you and am thankful for all that You have done and  all that You are going to do in my life.  Thank you for always going before me and making a way.  Lord help me to continue to always listen to your voice and follow the path that You have prepared for me.   Continue to help me recognize Your voice and that I will always trust that You have prepared my steps.

God’s response for me to share with women….th784ST1SG

Dear precious daughters that I love and adore,

Remind them that I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one gets to the Father but through Me. Seek me and they will find me. Speak to me and I will listen to them. Ask me and I shall direct their paths to solid ground. There is no place My Love cannot reach. No pain My Love cannot heal. No sin my death will not cover. I have sacrificed it all for you My worthy and precious daughters. Reach your hands up to me and lift your eyes upon me. I will rescue you. I will transform you. I will heal you. I will use you. I will give you my power and strength. You are a mighty warrior Princess and I will fight for you. Use your wisdom wisely and never forget to love and forgive as I have loved and forgiven you. Be bold and courageous and go share what I have taught you so that the world can find freedom in Me.

Your loving Heavenly Father