At that moment I heard Him say ”Yes, I am SIMPLE”.  He continued speaking to me and showing me visions of His simple love for us. Scene after scene I would see Him loving His people.  He drew my attention to the word SIMPLE.  He asked me to share what he showed me to the ones who need to hear it. He said I am the “SAVIOR IN MIDST of my PEOPLE LOVING them EVERYDAY!” SIMPLE.

As I was praying yesterday before my radio show I prayed for God’s anointing on my ears. I asked for Him to anoint them to hear His voice and that I would hear the words He wanted me to share with my listeners. I asked Him to help me make it simple, not complex. I asked him to help me reach that one lost soul that is hurting, struggling, broken and lost so that I could speak His simple truth to them.  He reminded me He is love and is always there with us. He is always in our midst and loving us deeply even if we are not aware of Him.  This is when He responded to me “Yes, I am simple”.

God’s love for us is so excessive and yet He has made it so simple and so clear. He loved us so much he sacrificed his greatest gift for us, his son Jesus Christ. So often we complicate religion and push others away because we judge them, evaluate them and expect things from them that God doesn’t even expect from us. But God’s first and greatest commandments say to love Him and love others. If we could only grasp the significance and simplicity of these two commandments daily, we wouldn’t even need to worry about the rest. Our transformation would be internal and reflect on the external. Our love for God and others would be transparent and evident.

He is there in your midst loving you every day. He has loved you before He formed you in your mother’s womb. He has loved you from the moment of creating you and breathing breathe into your lungs. He has loved you through your greatest struggles and your greatest victories. He has loved you through every tear and every giggle. He has loved you every moment of everyday of every second you have lived. His love has never ceased, never paused, never wavered and never with condition. God is love. He loves you. He is in your midst loving you every day.

If you are doubting God’s love for you or feeling confused, overwhelmed, uncertain, lost, forgotten or anxious, remember His love for you is SIMPLE. Quiet your soul and ask for Him to spend time with you, He is there waiting to show you how much He loves you. Open your eyes, open your heart and embrace His mighty and powerful love for you! The SAVIOR is IN MIDST of his PEOPLE LOVING them EVERYDAY!

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