It’s Who I Am!

Basking in the glow of your Heavenly Father….is there anywhere you would rather be?  Knowing that you are loved and perfect just the way you are.  Is there anything that makes you feel more confident?

When I find myself caught up in the troubles of this world and worrying about making the right decisions with important choices in my life, I stop to hear the truth.  I tune out the distractions of the world and the opinions of human and lean strictly on my Father’s guidance.  For He is the one with my plan in His hands and so He will be my Counselor.

Have you been there too?

What do you do?

I begin to seek my Father for guidance.  I turn on worship music and begin to melt into the spirit of the song.  It never fails, if I turn it loud enough, close my eyes and really lean into my Creator, He brings me great comfort.  He removes all worry and concern and he places His rod of power right back in my hands.  He tells me to carry His staff proudly and use it against all enemy forces that try to break down my existence.   He tells me” It’s who I am”.  He reminds me of who I am and what He has created me for.  He tells me directly the plans He has for me.  Here is my last conversation from Him:

Dear Sweet Daughter,

You are precious to me.  I know your heart and I am well pleased.  I have been beside you holding your hand along the way.  You have sought me through it all and always pointed everyone back to me.  I know the desires of your heart and if you remain faithful in me I will give you the desires of your heart.

You need rest my child.  Rest and time spent with me daily, write and sing to your hearts content.  Worship me with your voice and words, write about me.  Tell the world who I am and the goodness you know.

I will go before you and prepare the way.  I will open all necessary doors and close all that I do not want you to walk through.  I will go before you and protect you from all harm.  No one will take away the purpose of what I have created in you and birthed for you.  No human has power over my domain.

Pray, worship and listen to my commands…..Love unconditionally, give freely, surrender the small in exchange for more territory with an easy yoke.  Write from your soul.  Give me all the glory and all the honor my child.

Rest, quiet your soul, look up, listen closely, smile, be joyful, know that you are loved and set apart….”It’s Who you are!”  And I receive His words because it’s who I am!

This relationship with our Father is where we find our peace. He created us with a small size void that only He can fill.  He designed us with the need to seek Him, to live in communication with Him and to be filled by His Holy Spirit.  Go spend time with him and listen intently for His voice, feel His presence and allow Him to remind you who you are.

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