Beware of the Serpent…..He Doesn’t Die Easy.

It was a beautiful sunny day and I was taking the trash out when I lifted the lid and out of my right eye, I see it.  There it is….a snake resting by the fence right behind the trash can.  I call for my husband to come help me fight the battle with this enemy.

My husband grabbed a shovel in one hand and a stick in the other.  The kids and I were following close behind him, but not too close.  We watched in amazement as the snake battled him in and out of bricks, through the fruit trees.  We watched as it slithered its way up the driveway, off and on the grass, zig zagging across the path to escape our defense.  The kids shouted out “wow, I  didn’t know a snake could move so fast”.  They all giggled with disbelief.

I wanted it dead, but I couldn’t watch it die.   I kept looking to see if the job had been done.  He tried to apply pressure with the stick and hold him in place, but he got away.  He was a strong little thing with a lot of determination to stay on the loose so he could torment others.   Another strike to the head and several inches into the ground with the shovel head, and up came the snake still alive and moving like nothing had happened to him.  My husband must have attempted 3 or 4 times with that sharp shovel and a strong-arm to take the head off before he finally started to show signs of weakness.  Even after he was starting to lose the battle he still kept moving and even then started to appear like he was getting even more violent and aggressive.  The boys called it an attack.  “Watch out daddy” they would yell.  “Watch out he is gong to attack you daddy.”

After the drama was over and the serpent had been defeated,  I couldn’t help but reflect on the serpent in the Garden of Eden, the enemy in this world today and that snake in my garden.  Our enemy, the Devil, Satan, the Prince of Darkness is strong like that snake that wouldn’t die today.  We witnessed it with our own eyes.

I have recently written a 30 Day Challenge for people desiring to recognize, embrace and live out God’s amazing plans in their lives and Day 8 and 9(yesterday and today) just happened to be about “knowing good from evil” and ” being on guard against the enemy”.   As God would have it in the last two days in sync with my teaching, a snake has crossed my path each day as I taught and I have gotten a first hand look at how difficult it really is to destroy a serpent.

As Christian’s we learn in Ephesians 6 that we must put on the whole Armor of God to protect, defend and fight against the enemies of this world, but it will not be easy.  It will take many attempts in the battle before the enemy is defeated.  You will need the right EQUIPMENT, TOOLS AND STAMINA to defeat the enemy and claim victory.  Let me share with you the strategies God spoke to me about through this experience.  Here are my Battle Strategies:

WARRIOR EQUIPMENT:  The Warrior Equipment consists of three essential pieces of God’s provision for us that are the foundation for your knowledge of truth, love and hope.

  1.  BIBLE:  The Bible is our first and most important source to know God and to know His heart, His truth and His desires for our life.  Just like Jesus in the wilderness being tested by the devil himself, it was His confidence and knowledge of God’s word that fought the temptations of the devil.  Without the truth of God’s word in the Bible, we can easily be fooled by the serpent and led down a path of destruction.
  2. PRAYER:  Prayer is our second most critical piece of equipment to use in the battle of life’s challenges and choices.   Jesus prayed daily, early in the morning, frequently alone by himself with only His father.  In John 5:19, Jesus said “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. We must spend time in daily prayer seeking the Holy Spirit to know God’s truth, perspective and guidance of any and all circumstances we will face and choices we will make.  Do not be fooled by man, media, agendas or the enemy speaking lies into your head and heart.
  3. WORSHIP:   Worship is the third most important piece of equipment in your arsenal.  You should be prepared with a heart of worship and in truth.   In John 4:24 God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”   When we worship we praise Him, we declare victory, we remain in Him and invite the presence of the Holy Spirit in to our lives.  Worship releases our gratitude and confidence into the world for all to hear.  The enemy knows a grateful heart is not a fertile ground to destroy.  He will seek the weak and vulnerable who have no worship in their heart and gratitude to their Father for His blessings and hope found in Him.  The serpent knows  an ungrateful heart is easy prey and easy to destroy.

WARRIOR TOOLS:  Warrior Tools are the Spiritual gifts and characteristics you develop as you spend more time using your Warrior Equipment in God’s presence.

  1. WISDOM:   Wisdom is a tool that is developed as you mature in the knowledge of your Father’s deep love for you.  Spiritual wisdom prepares your heart to know which piece of equipment to use when and where.   It also equips you with the knowledge of how to use it.  Jesus didn’t flaunt His wisdom or use it to show His power, but He gently and calmly spoke truth against the enemy and didn’t have to prove himself, because He had wisdom to let God’s truth fight for him.
  2. VISION:   It is critical to develop the tool of our Spiritual vision.  Vision helps us to clearly see the reality of truth and lies that are before us everyday in all circumstances.  Spiritual vision helps us to see clearly God’s good plan for our lives.  In Romans 8:28   it says All things work for good for those who love the Lord God and are called according to his purposes.  Vision gives us power to know when the enemy is distracting you from and trying to mislead you off of your God-given destiny and calling.  The enemy doesn’t necessarily want to destroy you, just to distract you which takes our eyes off of God and His love for us.  That distraction alone can and will destroy our purposes.
  3. DISCERNMENT:  Spiritual discernment is developed as you mature in your conversations with your Father.  When we learn his voice, we will easily recognize who, what and where is the serpent.  He always comes in disguise and is hard to recognize with the human eye.  Our spiritual vision and discernment helps us to know truth from lies and allows us not to worry or fret, but to fully trust in His truths and power.   With the precious gift of Spiritual discernment from the Holy Ghost, discernment is supernatural and it becomes easy to discern the serpent’s intent and schemes.

WARRIOR STAMINA:  Warrior Stamina is the strength, power and ability to live in God’s real power of the Holy Spirit.  Warrior Stamina is only developed with the investment of time spent using the Warrior Equipment daily and learning to use the Warrior Tools as life’s choice and challenges come your way.

  1.  REST:   Rest doesn’t mean do nothing, it means do nothing without the power and strength of the Lord.  Rest in Him and let him fight your battles.  If you are using the right equipment and tools during battle, the stamina does not break down and grow weak, your strength endures.  Resting in the Lord also allows you to not fight the wrong battles exhausting yourself and completely distracting you from the real battles.  God has already defeated the enemy, but we must learn to see it and know it, therefore, giving you the power to rest in the truth in his victory for you.  In  John 16:33  Jesus says “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
  2. PEACE:   Peace is the characteristic that is most obvious in determining if you are in God’s will.  Interesting enough in Luke 10:19 it says ” I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you”.  Watching my husband whip that stick in one hand and shovel in the other, I could see him tire as the battle persisted.  If we use our feet, the power anointed within his shoes of peace, then the enemy does not have power over us.  How can he bother or destroy us if we are in God’s peace about our life?  He cannot and he knows it.  So just like that snake in my garden, he slithers away as fast as he can to his next unsuspecting victim to kill, steal and destroy their dreams, desires, gifts, blessing and plans for their lives.   Live in Peace knowing your Fathers already conquered death!
  3. TRUST.  Trust is built when we proclaim our faith and we do not doubt.  Trust develops our faith and makes sure that the enemy has no power.  Jesus didn’t have to convince the enemy while he was testing him, he trusted his Father and the snake learned he could not shake Jesus’s trust in his Father.   In Psalms 9:10 it says Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.  Trust will give you more stamina than a Monster drink a, Starbucks café latte or a good ol black cup of coffee.  Stamina is built when we exercise and build up muscle, resistance, conditioning of our bodies.  So when you exercise trust in your life against your challenges, struggle, trials and tribulations, nothing but Spiritual stamina is developed.    Stamina is required to fight the serpent because just like the snake that would not die today in my garden, the devil is not an easy victim either.

Lessons from our Father are all around us, as God showed me in experience and through his Spirit today, we need to be prepared to battle the evil desires of Satan.  We need to defend and not allow the serpent to destroy our amazing plans that God has created for us.  Use the equipment wisely for the battle.  Know how the tools work and practice with them daily so you are prepared to use them when and where needed.   Start today to build the stamina you need to endure the fight for as long as the battles may last.  Work out your muscles, your mind, your heart, your beliefs, your faith and be ready to kill the serpent with the arsenal God gave you to fight.


2 responses to “Beware of the Serpent…..He Doesn’t Die Easy.

    • Hi Linda! How is San Diego? Hope all is well and your new life is all you were expecting and MORE! Thank you for your feedback. This was such an experience the way God would just not leave me alone until I wrote it. As soon as the snake was killed, the family went to baseball and God immediately started giving me visions, words and meanings behind the spiritual battles we are facing. So I couldn’t help but do what He was gently nudging me to write. After writing it, it was a little long, but then God showed me this will be part of my Bible Study I’m writing for God’s Amazing Plans I am going to be teaching starting June….lol. I love how the Lord works when we are just obedient.

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