No Man Can Imagine How Great Our Father’s Love Is For Us.

no-eye-has-seen-no-ear-amethystIn 1 Corinthians  2:9 It says “No eye has seen, No ear has heard, No mind can conceive of the greatness in store for those who love the Lord”.  Just for a moment, think beyond your biggest dreams and hopes…..BIGGER…, even bigger!  We think we can imagine the biggest of things.  We imagine things that are far greater than the possessions which we have, circumstances we are in or even greater things we want our lives and relationships to become, but just imagine for a moment that whatever you are dreaming of, it will be magnified 10x by the glory of God and the greatness He has in store for us.  Wow!

In an Immanuel prayer this week, I had an encounter with God as a 12 year old child.  He showed me a memory of great heartbreak as a child.  I had gone to the mall with my mom and dad when I fell in love with a little purple birthstone ring.  It was a beautiful Amethyst stone, and for some reason I really, really wanted it.  I don’t remember ever wanting anything so badly.  My mom and dad couldn’t afford it and so I couldn’t get it.  I was overwhelmed with grief and cried all the way home.  When we got home, I was still devastated and could not contain my emotions and continued to cry for hours upon hours over this ring I couldn’t have. What appears to me today to be silly and a little melodramatic, really was devastating to me then as that 12 year old little girl.

In the prayer, I ask Jesus where He was during this time and I see Him kneeling beside my bed with His arms stretched out on my bed watching me cry uncontrollably.  As my Father, I can see in His face that He is heartbroken for me feeling this way, but more importantly He told me I had believed the lie of the enemy who had told me I wasn’t worthy of that beautiful ring and that my parents didn’t love me enough.  The truth that he gently shared with me was that what I had experienced was circumstantial, not truth.  My parents had many burdens and were not financially able to buy me that ring, but the enemy chose to pounce on me with the belief that I wasn’t worthy.  How many of you feel great grief when we don’t get what we want?  What we dreamed of?  Or even feel not worthy with our circumstances and attach an actual value of worthlessness because we don’t’ get what we think we deserve?

The great news is, when we are intimate with our Father through prayer we discover TRUTH!  After this Immanuel prayer encounter with Jesus of that emotional day 40 years ago in my bedroom crying uncontrollably, My Father dried my tears and started speaking life and love into me.  He told me the truth and assured me that He was there with me thorugh it all.  With my left hand I boldly handed him the lies I had believed about me not being worthy of that ring and my parents love.  Then I opened my right hand out in exchange for what He wanted to give me.  I waited several moments and nothing was given to me, but I could hear Him speaking words of wisdom and perspective of truth.  Then abruptly I noticed something heavy in my right hand and quickly glanced to look.  I covered my mouth and eyes with both hands and started laughing and crying.

Jesus gently placed in my right hand an Amethyst stone far greater than I had ever seen, far greater than I had ever heard about and yes, far greater than I could have even imagined……just like in 1 Corinthians 2:9.   Jesus gently placed a very large, very heavy, transparent, jagged cut yet smoothly polished, multicolored Amethyst stone in my right hand and told me “my daughter, this is your worth in my eyes”.    “I have placed abundance of many things in your precious hands far greater than you could ever conceive.”  He continued to tell me “You could make thousands of beautiful rings, necklaces and earrings from this stone I have given you and you would never run out.”  “Your worth to me is far greater than this stone or your circumstances you have faced.”   “My love for you is just like this stone I have placed in your hands….it overflows with mighty power and presence when you can sense me and know me. ”  ” I have only the best for you and you are worthy of all my love!”  Thank you Father God for giving me the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the heart to feel you!

I encourage each of you reading this to take time today and see what lies your Father wants to destroy.  Jesus has truth to tell you and restore you with His full glory of God!




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