God is real! God is present! God is good!

God is real! God is present! God is good!  God shows himself through a daughter’s love.

 While most people in this world claim they believe in God and know the stories of His love and miracles in the Bible, when it comes to their own lives, many people tell me they can’t hear from God personally and have never seen Him manifest in their lives.

This is an inside glimpse of how God showed Himself to me and others. I want to share with everyone how God talks to us directly with direction, promises and confirmations of important life choices when we practice the skills of Immanuel prayers, which simply, but powerfully means “God with us” prayers.    Immanuel prayer is a skill of training yourself to do less talking and more listening.  It helps guide your heart and head to desire quite time with Him and deeply crave His direction, feedback and confirmations of what His desires, perspectives and will is for your life.  When we don’t turn down the voices of the world and shut down the enemy’s lies, it is almost impossible to hear the voice of our Heavenly Father.    Let me share a glimpse into how great our God is and how close He is to us when we intentionally spend time with Him for His will and purposes.

Mid-May 2016 we were in preparation for an Extraordinary Women conference. Our speaker, worship leader and myself were praying and seeking God’s will individually and corporately for our conference.  My dear friend and worship leader, Esther Rose Neal, said God was putting on her heart the story of the woman who just wanted to touch the hem of Jesus’s robe so she could be healed. This was a vision she received through prayer and it was on her heart for the women at the upcoming conference.  For the next several weeks we would collectively pray. Through our hearts and prayers would come our requests and desire for Jesus’s robe to flow over every single woman God would bring to the conference.  We would pray for His robe to cover and touch every woman who desires healing in their lives.  We would envision Him walking through our doors and His robe so big it would spread from wall to wall and brush over every woman for the touching.  It was a beautiful prayer and vision we got from Him and prayed to Him.imgp1652

Six days after our conference, I would wake to a 5:30am phone call from my brother in Colorado telling me my mom’s routine surgery the night before had gone gravely wrong and she is now in ICU fighting for her life.  I would fall to my knees and cry out to God for strength not knowing what circumstances and challenges I was about to face.  As I mindlessly threw clothes in my suitcase for a plane that would leave in a few hours, I was scared. Confused and tears flowing uncontrollably, my mind raced to the worst possible outcome.  I would cry out to Jesus “I’m not ready…..I’m not ready”.   Since losing my husband’s Father and Mother, my Father and older brother just years before within a two year span, I have prayed every single day, several times a day for God to prepare my heart for the day I would lose my Mother and Husband.   I cried out over and over “Jesus, I’m not ready!”

Hours later, my family dropped me off at the airport and after checking in and getting settled to wait for my first plane, I pulled out my bible, prayer cross and journal.  I lay my hand on my bible with my cross in hand and desperately ask God one thing. “Lord, give me a word about the circumstances I am about to encounter with my Mom”.  As I pray for a word, God opens my bible directly to Matthew 9. My eyes draw towards the top of the page where I read the heading A DEAD GIRL AND A SICK WOMAN. It catches my eyes and I begin to read Matthew 9:18-25.   Verse 20-25 reads: Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years came up behind him and touched the edge of His cloak. She said to herself, “If I only touch His cloak, I will be healed.” Jesus turned and saw her. “Take heart daughter,” He said, “your faith has healed you”. And the woman was healed from that moment. I remember thinking, wow, what a coincidence, there’s the story we just prayed about for every women at our conference. The very vision and prayer we just spent weeks focusing on and this is where God takes me for a word of comfort at this very time I ask Him. I read on.

Then God directs my hand to turn back one page to verse 8, I see the headings and read The Man with Leprosy, next The Faith of the Centurion, then Jesus Heals Many, and Jesus Calms the Storm, and The Healing of Two Demon Possessed Men.    I turn back to verse 9 where God first took me and read Jesus Heals the Paralytic, again A Dead Girl and a Sick Woman, and Jesus Heals the Blind and Mute.    I immediately hear Jesus whisper clearly to me “Jesus Heals!”   Jesus Heals…….Oh my goodness, Jesus is going to heal my mother I say aloud.   Peace rushes over me and I ponder this moment in awe and reverence.

I ask for a word and when I listen, Jesus takes me to two simple words plastered all over the pages…..JESUS HEALS!   Every verse I read had something else in common…..It was their Faith that healed them! He said to the sick woman “Take heart daughter. Your faith has healed you.” I close my bible and go straight to an Immanuel Prayer so I can hear directly from God about what I had just read.  I grab my journal and pen. I begin this special prayer with a love letter of thanksgiving and gratitude.

Dear Heavenly Abba Father, today I rejoice with you!  I surrender all my gratitude before you and desire you to search my thankful heart.  You have blessed my life beyond measure and given me a Mother who loves more than humanly possible.  You have given me a Mother that has always sacrificed everything she is and has for me and others.  You have given me an invaluable example of mother, woman, lady and friend to follow. Thank you Father God for every day you have and will continue to give me with her.  Lord, Thank you for the memories.  I hear her laughter and see her little girl smile.  She is so innocent and vulnerable.  Lord, thank you for protecting her and creating her so strong.  Keep her strong through Your Spirit.  I am deeply, sincerely and truly coherent and recognize the gift of my Mother’s unconditional love.  Lord, I’m so thankful that you helped us give her the gift of joy through her new kitchen.  Lord, I pray she will be back so healthy!  I praise your Holy name for her health, sound mind and body.  Love you Father!  Your faithful daughter

GOD’S RESPONSE TO ME:       god-answer-prayers-his-way

Dear Precious, You are right!  I know you believe and love me beyond words.  I see your faithful heart.   I will comfort you.  I will stand beside you.  I have already gone before you to prepare your wayI will clear all obstacles from flesh that will keep her clean and healthy.  I will soften the hearts of the hard.  I will prepare eyes to see and hearts to love.  I will prepare ears to hear My Love.  My Love. My Love.  My Love is so big and it will always cover all pain, concern and questions.  I am the great I AM I am the one that gives your mother breath and I will be the one who gives her life.  I will be the one who gives her life.  Cheer up little girl and believe in my strength and power.  Come taste and see.  I love and adore you daughter.  Blessings pour out on you! Love, Your Heavenly Father!   

Do you see the two promises God gave me?  He promised me I will clear all obstacles from flesh that will keep her clean and healthy” and “I am the one that gives your mother breath and I will be the one who gives her life.  He repeated and promised me “I will be the one who gives her life“.  A calmness and peace that surpasses all understanding came over me.  I dried my tears, received His promises and knew He is faithful and just with His promises.  I closed my journal, grabbed my carryon and got on the plane to go sit by my Mother’s bedside.

I got off my plane to run to transfer to the next plane and quickly called my brother Rod as I stood in line to ask “How is Mom?”  He tells me in a soft but surprising voice “She is doing better”.  I quickly responded to him by saying it happened at 10:15am, didn’t it?  He said, yes, it actually was about that time.  I ecstatically told him, wait until I share with you what God told me while I was waiting to get on the first plane. When I wrote in my journal, I documented the time at 10:15am.  God is real!  God is present!  God is good!  Feeling in awe of what my God was doing, I jumped on the next plane and would be there in an hour.

For the next 16 days, we would sit by my mother’s side in the hospital with a large circle of prayer warriors nationwide lifting her health and life up in prayer. But the full manifestation of God’s love and healing comes on day 21 of a 24 day stay with my Mom.  Three days before I would return back to my family in California, my Mother would wake before me and my Aunt to a dream.  She shared it with us immediately upon waking. While she was sleeping, she felt a large, off white colored, ‘sheet like cloth’ that swept over her body from toe to head as she lay there in bed sleeping.  After she feels the cloth sweep over her, she hears a voice say to her “YOU ARE HEALED”.  She said she woke immediately and recollected what had just happened to her.  She said to herself out loud. “I have been healed”. “He told me I have been healed and she knew it was true”.

At the very moment my Mom shared with me her dream and Godly manifestation, I shouted out ”that was Jesus’s robe…..that was Jesus’s robe!”  Only at that very moment did the last 8 weeks of prayer, seeking God’s Will, the visions He had given us of the healing of the women at the conference through His robe, the word He took me to in the airport 21 days earlier of The Sick Woman believing if she could only touch His robe she would be healed and now the manifestation of His cloak over my Mother’s sick body flashed through my mind in clear pictures of memories like a vintage picture show, but in color with sound. I just kept repeating “that was Jesus’s robe…..that was Jesus’s robe” and I was overcome with complete awe of who Jesus is. He is real! He is present! He is good!

From that moment forward, my Mother’s healing progressed rapidly and His promises were fulfilled. I will clear all obstacles from flesh that will keep her clean and healthy I am the one that gives your mother breath and I will be the one who gives her life.  I will be the one who gives her life.  He is real! He is present! He is good!

If you would like to learn more about Immanuel Prayer or how to improve your listening skills to hearing your Heavenly Father, you can contact me at tamara.doss@rocketmail.com or for further glimpses of God and encouragement, check out my  Facebook  God’s Amazing Plans at  https://www.facebook.com/godsamazingplans/



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